Genesis Actuarial Solutions is a registered Financial Services Provider.                          FSP No. 38235                                                      

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Pension Fund Services
Genesis is experienced in all aspects of pension fund work, including:
• Pension fund valuations, benefit design and costing;
• Individual member benefit calculations or projection of pension benefits;
• Calculating individual transfer values;
• Advising on pension increases policy documents;
• Mergers and Acquisitions - implications and integration of long term benefits;
• Experience analysis;
• Surplus apportionment advice and calculations;
• Pension fund liquidations (employing four approved pension fund liquidators);
• Modeling of liabilities for investment strategy planning;
• Costing of post-retirement medical scheme premiums (AC116 / IAS19);
• Independent advice on appointing service providers.

Road Accident Fund
Genesis provides a range of services to the Road Accident Fund (RAF), including:
• Appointed to the panel of actuaries which act on behalf of the RAF in the quantification of loss assessment and litigation of cases;
• Appointed to provide an independent peer review of the valuation of the RAF;
• Providing of in-house actuarial support- and consultation services.

Outsourcing of actuarial work
Genesis has significant experience in providing actuarial services on an outsourced basis. A wide range of potential actuarial support roles can be offered from the placing of skilled actuarial staff for in-house support, to a full white labeled actuarial function (consulting, valuations, etc.). For a
number of years we were involved in performing UK Pensions Review calculations from South Africa, involving a team of 28 actuaries which provided invaluable experience in international outsourcing. Genesis is currently the largest supplier of outsourced actuarial services in South

International experience
Genesis delivered actuarial services (involving a team of 28 actuaries) on an outsourced basis to a company in the United Kingdom during their Pension Review Project. We have experience of delivering actuarial services to Zambia, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. We were
appointed to review the national pension system in Tanzania in 2012.
We are a member of EURACS (European Actuarial Consultancy Services), Europe’s oldest network of independent actuarial and pensions consultancy firms. We are the first member firm
accepted for membership outside of Europe, and through this association we can include current cutting-edge developments in the European markets into the uniquely African solutions which we
develop for our clients.